Shopping advantages

Enjoy shopping!!!

Sit 'N' shop

You do not need to travel to Supermarket or any stores. You just use your PC /tablet or Smart Phones anywhere from your home or office or while travelling and do the shopping easily.

'Buy what you need and Stop buying more' - Budget Shopping

Supermarkets make you attractive to buy more than what actually you need. You may go to the shop for buying 10 items and you will end up buying 20 items.

Feather e mart helps you to "Buy what you need and stop buying more". Every time you add a product, you can see the total amount on the basket displayed on top. So you know what to add or deduct.

Traffic, Parking, Queues & Carrying the Shopping Bags

Getting stuck in traffic is enough to make anyone's blood boil and find a parking is a biggest burden while shopping.

Another burden in traditional shopping is, carrying the shopping bags, lifting heavy weights.

Feather e mart delivery team do all and in fact you get the products delivered to your home without any hassle and tension